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News Releases

An effective news release is topped with a compelling headline, leads with the most important news stated succinctly, contains supporting information and quotes, and closes with a standardized description of your organization. Though intended for a broad audience, the first reader will be an editor or reporter who may devote two or three seconds to the release to determine if it is worth reading. That's why the headline must be a grabber. (News releases are generally written for print media. If you want a news director at a TV or radio station to report your news, you'll need a lot more than a news release.  Give me a call and I'll be happy to discuss how to go about pitching a story to broadcast media.)



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For more than 15 years I have been working with the Values Institute of America to help develop the Values in Alignment process to equip youth organizations to teach values to young people. Included in the Values in Alignment process is the unique Values-Centered Leadership program that offers executives of non-profits an opportunity to become more effective leaders. Click to learn more.


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