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Crisis Communications

YOUR COMPANY is planning to close offices in twenty cities and the top brass asks you to explain to the news media how the closings will improve customer service.
THE MANAGER of one of your plants calls and tells you that a mob, including civil rights leaders and the news media, are in

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front of his facility demanding an explanation for the company’s alleged mistreatment of its only two non-white employees, and you need to talk to them.
YOUR COMPANY filed its second major rate increase in as many years on a Friday afternoon, and you are the only one in the office to field inquiries from the news media.
THE BOSS of your non-profit organization is earning more than some Fortune 500 CEOs and you have been tapped to tell the media why.
A NETWORK NEWS CREW is in the parking lot and wants you to explain why your company is polluting the river behind your plant.

Thankfully, these are not everyday occurrences. But, if you are a spokesperson for an organization, sooner or later you will find yourself defending unpopular policies, facing adversarial news media personnel or trying to explain your side of the story in a difficult situation.

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Core Values






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For more than 15 years I have been working with the Values Institute of America to help develop the Values in Alignment process to equip youth organizations to teach values to young people. Included in the Values in Alignment process is the unique Values-Centered Leadership program that offers executives of non-profits an opportunity to become more effective leaders. Click to learn more.


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