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My Core Values

Doing what is right. Being truthful in a way that is best for each party in an exchange.

Making sure my work is done on time and within budget. People can count on us to do what we say.

Holding ourselves and others in high esteem and treating others as we would want them to treat us.

Making positive things happen individually and in a collaborative environment.

Values 101

Values are Principles for Living that we take seriously. When applied, they serve to build character and promote healthy relationships.

Values are Relational-they don't stand alone; each interacts with the other.

Values have Consequences-there is a cause and effect with each application of a value.

Values require Dialog-they must be discussed and internalized for them to have an impact.

What values guide your day-to-day work and provide a framework for action?


Value Minute Logo

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The Value Minute for Today

For more than 30 years I have been working with the Values Institute of America to help develop the Values in Alignment process to equip youth organizations to teach values to young people. Included in the Values in Alignment process is the unique Values-Centered Leadership program that offers executives of non-profits an opportunity to become more effective leaders. Click to learn more.


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