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Who writes letters anymore? That depends upon your definition of a letter. Traditionally we think of a letters as something written on a sheet of paper, folded into an envelope, sealed, stamped and placed in the mail.

Along came the fax, and while the mode of delivery changed, the layout and style did not. Today we often substitute electronic communications for the hand written or typed letter, but does this mean the guiding principles of letter writing should be discarded? Probably not.

Today more than ever, clearly-written, gramatically-correct, letters are still needed. When you need to persuade a colleague, affirm an employee, enlighten a customer, collect a debt, deliver bad news, or communicate important information, the letter is still your best bet. You can write the letter yourself, but sometimes you may need the help of a professional.

The next time you have have some important information you have to convey, or you want to create just the right tome to persuade someone to do something, give me a call. I have written hundreds of letters for other peoples' signature. I craft each one to achieve a client's specific objective. Let me help with yours.


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For more than 30 years I have been working with the Values Institute of America to help develop the Values in Alignment process to equip youth organizations to teach values to young people. Included in the Values in Alignment process is the unique Values-Centered Leadership program that offers executives of non-profits an opportunity to become more effective leaders. Click to learn more.


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