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Media Relations

Media relations is changing at a rate unparalleled in history. Newspapers and magazines are disappearing, fewer and fewer radio stations employ news personnel, TV newsrooms are being squeezed, and the proliferation of alternative news outlets is exploding.

Despite this change, the fundamentals of using news media outlets to communicate with targeted audiences hasn't changed. You still need to craft your messages with care. You still need to identify the outlets that are best able to reach your target audiences. And, you still need to pitch your stories to the media gatekeepers.

I have been doing all of the above for more than 30 years. If you want someone to help you design and execute an effective media relations strategy, give me a call.

I will tell you if you have a truly newsworthy story. I'll help you write the messages you want to get deliver to your target audiences. I'll help you identify the best places to get your story told. And I will work with you and the editors, writers, assignment editors, bloggers, editorial boards to make compelling arguments as to why they should run with your story.

Give me a call today.


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